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When you feel a draft, it’s because the air is leaving your area from somewhere else. When dealing with drafts, very simply, air won’t come in if it can’t get out. Owners seldom think of insulation for their soffits and canned lights, but it can be a source of leakage in your home or business.

In fact, in winter, air leakage and air flow, through soffits and canned lights, can make your cabinets cold. Canned lights in the bathroom are generally open to the attic where air tends to roam freely. Then, there is also moisture to consider.

According to experts, 100 sq/ft of drywall lets a pint of moisture water seep into the wood and accents of the attic each year. One square inch hole allows 30 pints per year. Canned lights, 9 gallons per year! That’s far too much moisture (and possibly mold) for your home’s beams, rafters, and wooden structures to support!

Stop allowing leakage and moisture to eat away at your investment. Let Saunders Insulation Specialists create an effective barrier for your property with proper insulation. We are the mold and moisture experts and will create an air (and water) tight seal around the lights, soffits, and even doors to keep warm and cool air where they are needed most and your energy costs down.

Contact us today for more information pertaining to our sealing services and protect your home from the harmful combination of wood, water, and air.

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