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Air leaks and old insulation at your business can lead to the formation of harmful indoor air pollutants. Often, when these indoor pollutants are not checked, and improper ventilation does not filter them, they can lead to detrimental health issues. Irritation, headaches, dizziness, respiratory issues, cancer, and even heart disease can result when fresh air cannot infiltrate a structure from the outside.

Saunders Insulation Specialists runs full, thorough energy audits to test your indoor air for harmful pollutants. We specialize in air quality. We value all our customers and want to make sure they have the air they need to be healthy. After performing these audits, we can then make helpful recommendations on the best ways for your air to improve.

Generally, it is a case of appliances not receiving the care, insulation, or ventilation they need to keep pollutants out. Major appliances such as gas stoves, water heaters, boilers, dryers, and bathroom fans - in every room of the house - should all be checked, cleaned, and ventilated regularly to ensure your property’s complete safety.

By reducing harmful pollutants, air leaks and moisture - and providing optimal conditions for employees and loved ones - you can dramatically increase overall conditions and stave off disease and infirmity for years to come.

Contact Saunders Insulation Specialists today for an in-depth consultation on optimal levels of indoor air quality.

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