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Saunders Insulation Specialists is licensed to remove Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) under its corporate name Building & Energy Performance Group.

Our team is trained and licensed to perform asbestos removal.   We incorporate safety protocols required by state and federal agencies as dictated by the type and location of the asbestos containing materials.

We complete, at a minimum, these basic steps for each asbestos removal job:

  1. Samples will be taken and sent to the lab for analysis, if not done already.

  2. The project will be reported to the proper authorities and payment of applicable fees will be made.

  3. Disposal arrangements will be coordinated and fees paid.

  4. The site will be prepared for removal - Demarcate the removal area, Setup containment area, Setup air scrubbers and negative air pressure areas (when feasible)

  5. Removal and proper bagging of ACM will be performed.

  6. Transport and disposal of ACM will be completed.

  7. The removal site will be cleaned and picked up.

Employees in contact with the ACM will wear the correct PPE for the job and follow prescribed methods for removal.

HEPA vacuums are used to collect all presumed ACM dust and small debris.  All air scrubbers have HEPA filters installed.


Saunders Insulation Specialists is equipped to remove existing insulation from your home or building.

We have high powered vacuum systems which help remove blown-in insulation from all areas of the attic in an effective manner.  The high powered vacuums are situated outside the home.  The insulation is blown into large bags situated outside your home or building to help minimize dust and debris.

In some cases, using a vacuum system is not the appropriate method for the job.  In this case, the insulation is bagged by hand in the attic and transported outside.

No two removal jobs are alike.  We will consult with you and explain the process that is best suited for your particular situation.

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Mold is present in the air we breathe indoors and out.

In order for mold to grow it needs 3 simple elements:

  • Moisture

  • Moderate Temperatures

  • Nutrients

Before mold is removed, the source of the moisture needs to be found and the problem fixed.  If it is not, the mold may return regardless of the steps taken to stop it.

Helpful links for more information:

EPA Information on Mold

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Mold

Our trained professionals will determine the course of action for your situation. You will be provided with a description of the steps necessary to resolve the problem.

For mold remediation, we may use a combination of the following: HEPA vacuums, fans, dehumidifiers, containment with negative air, containment without negative air, air scrubbers with HEPA filters, mold killers, mold stain removers and/or mold inhibitors.


Raccoon, bats, mice and squirrels occasionally make their way into attic spaces.  Removing their mess can be challenging and dirty.

The methods we use to remove rodent debris are similar to those used when removing other harmful substances such as mold or vermiculite insulation from your home.  Our main objective is to remove the substance in the most effective manner by safely containing it and removing it without affecting the inside of the home and your family.  When removing any substance that is potentially harmful to people, it is important to contain it, transport it and dispose of it properly.

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