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Knee walls are the short walls – usually less than three feet – that support the rafters of a roof. Because they create partitions in your attic, they can create cavities that allow air to pass through unhindered. This can be costly in terms of energy considerations and should be a priority for your home. When you properly insulate the knee walls in your home you make them part of the living space.

Saunders Insulation Specialists has an expert technique – using spray in foam to give you the proper coating you need to achieve optimal climate balance and R-Values. We spray from the underside of the roof deck all the way down to the ceiling of the floor below. This prevents air leakage and also brings the temperature within 3 to 5 degrees of your best comfort level.

We offer competitive prices and fast, efficient, supervised service for your satisfaction. When working with your real estate, we strive to complete all our knee wall projects on a shorter time frame that works with your schedule. We do not sacrifice quality but do ensure comprehensive care, an excellent customer experience, and total comfort for less to earn your trusted business.

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