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Your attic – and the rest of your home – has an R-Value that dictates how functional and useful your insulation actually is. R-Values are defined in the industry as your insulation’s resistance to the heat traveling through it. When trying to achieve optimal R-Values, you always want the number to be higher, as it will have better resistance to drastic thermal changes. Better resistance to these thermal changes can mean you will have more cost-effective insulation and – in most instances – lower energy costs.

At Saunders Insulation Specialists, we use only the best insulation to achieve higher R-Values. We work with all of our customers to find the right insulation for every type of budget for any type of structure. Our insulation will outperform more costly competitor’s options because we have the experience to know almost everything about specialized materials and their various uses.

R-Values – often listed on the materials themselves – can be misleading due to time and climate considerations. We are the premier resource for insulation information and replacement. We take the mystery out of the equation to give you long-lasting expert assistance and materials that you can rely on in any season.

Contact us today to learn about our lifetime warranties and how an R-Value from Saunders Insulation Specialists is worth more in your specific scenario.

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