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During the winter months, cold air leakage and low amounts of insulation can lead to a detrimental buildup of blocking ice known as an ice dam. Different roofs are made from different materials and may have higher or lower ice dam buildup based on various temperature and heat-loss factors.

Whatever the cause and accumulation of this buildup, to leave it as a driving force for the deterioration of your property’s energy efficiency is not only dangerous but may cost you thousands in repairs and lost energy. Saunders Insulation Specialists has the tools you need to diagnose, remove, and prevent future ice dams from forming.

We bring trained, licensed, and insured technicians to your home or business with a variety of answers to even the most complex issues. We use chemicals, a process called “steaming the roof,” and old-fashioned tools, on supervised sites, to provide you with safe, efficient, long-lasting service on a time frame that works with your schedule.

Contact us today to be rid of ice for good and let Saunders Insulation Specialists heat up your real estate before the snows begin to fall.

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