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Saunders Insulation Specialists is a family owned and on the job and trained in the leading energy audit, foam, air sealing, attic ventilation, and blown-in cellulose insulation contractor in Southern Wisconsin. We serve commercial and residential customers and have done so since 1977.

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Unwanted drafts, moisture migration, mold, and low indoor air quality can result from poor air sealing, poor insulation, or lack of insulation. These main contributors to significant energy loss can be corrected by our team of weatherization experts and installers.

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Contact Saunders Insulation Specialists for:
  • Home or Business Energy Assessments

  • Spray Foam

  • Cellulose Insulation

  • Insulation areas include but are not limited to: attic, crawlspace, rim joist, floors of bedrooms above garages, walls and floors open to side attics, drop soffits in Kitchens and bathrooms, poor attic hatches.

  • Air Sealing

  • Repair poor attic hatches.

  • Insulation Removal from attic like fiberglass batts over top of blown insulation. Insulation that is full of mice tunnels, Raccoon and Batt droppings.

  • Asbestos Removal in attics pies and heat ducts in basements.

  • Ice Dam Control

  • Ice Dam Removal from Roofs

  • Fixed poor or blocked eve vents.

  • Moisture, Mold and Mildew Control

  • Replace or install new bathroom fans vented to the outside with insulated duct and not to the eves.

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Our Certifications

Alex Phillips(Nephew), Brayden Saunders(Grandson), Shawn Saunders(Son)

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