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When using K13, you are getting the best of both worlds: insulation and sound reduction. K13 is a specialized, spray-on, cellulose material used to achieve the perfect balance of thermal temperatures and acoustics. Its versatility and use in the industry are unparalleled as it can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces.

Whether you need to fill cracks, voids, or seams, or reduce air infiltration, K13 is your choice for superior insulation. Metal, wood, urethane, Styrofoam, and other surfaces interact and react well to K13 – providing the same layers of protection. Its flame retardant composition makes it perfect for any structure and it is eco-friendly being made of 80% recycled materials.

For practical use, K13 is utilized best for classrooms, auditoriums cathedrals, restaurants, sports facilities, and other commercial structures. However, it will serve well under almost any condition. Even a warehouse can become a quiet, productive office space with the right use of K13 Insulation.

Saunders Insulation Specialists offers K13 for both homes and businesses in a variety of colors from the leading brand, International Cellulose. We possess the Level 2 K13 training for the very best service in the industry and will provide the friendly, thorough customer service you have come to expect from the best in the business.

Contact us today to learn more about the many uses of this revolutionary product and how we can apply them for you! 608-228-9010

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